Hakone Soba (箱根そば)


"HAKONE SOBA" is a stand-up meal stand of buckwheat noodles.
There is also udon noodles. Udon is noodles made from wheat flour.

Next to the ticket gate of Odawara Station of Odakyu line, there is a store of Hakone Soba.
The price of "Hakone Soba" is about 350 yen per one.
Fee is paid in advance. Put a coin in the shop of the ticket vending machine, you buy a meal ticket.

Order pass the ticket to the clerk of the counter.
At that time, noodles of kinds, whether you want to soba (buckwheat) or udon, tells verbally.

Recommended topping is a Japanese "Kakiage tempura".
Or, to make fried sliced tofu in oil, boiled in soy sauce and sugar, is "KITUNE".

"KITUNE"is derived from Inari shrine is a God of Japanese rice.
The meaning of "KITUNE" is that of the fox.
Kakiage is a crispy texture, KITUNE is sweet.

have a nice trip.

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2016年10月15日 17:02
Hakone Soba (箱根そば) 小田原駅のハコソバでは、中国人YOUが券売機の前でビーフ、ビーフと叫んでいた。すき家じゃないんだから…。